Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

PhotobucketI keep gettin this feeling that this could turn out to be the worst, but how if I'm giving you my best? A gut feeling towards a relationship that you strongly believe will not last.

You get that *heart racing, stomach sinking* feeling every time you see him. You want to know how his day was, how is he feeling now, and maybe is he feeling you? Maybe the same way you feel about him?

Well tough if you're not willing to give what he wants in a relationship.

Yes, you're attractive; Yes, you have your mind right, and yes you're all around awesome.




"So, what are you looking for in a relationship?"

"A good girl, you know: smart, pretty, good sense of humor, doesn't like to party too much, and oh yeah...good in bed"

*cough* "oh really? That sounds reasonable."



* WOMP! the feelings died and that relationship was over before it started *

So on to the next one? Not too fast miss, the next one is bound to be like the last one. Desiring things in the relationship that you're not willing to give, atleast not yet. So why would he wait for you, when the next one is more than happy to show off her skills?

The conflicts of a virgin...minor to you, but major to us


  1. i cosign the mess out of this!
    for this reason exactly, i fell back from putting myself out there. freshman year of college, i had the tally of the numbers i got, it was fun, it was entertainment...but how many ended in something worthwhile? none. because it is so much more than a guy being handsome or funny or artistic or whatever. asking someone to comply with such a big commitment (to chastity) is a BIG thing to take on...even for myself; so to ask someone else to do so is A LOT. if some one isn't ready for that, then its highly unlikely it will work. period. no justifying, no maybe.
    stepping into a relationship where you aren't on one accord is *kind of like your last post* jumping in blindfolded. it sucks because there are some genuinely nice guys...but something has to be sacrificed in a situation like that. your values, or him. you decide.
    my decision is clear. i'll wait for who God sends me...so i can fall in love without restrictions, without that type of sacrifice...because we will be on the same page from jump.

  2. totally agree!!
    "there are some genuinely nice guys...but something has to be sacrificed in a situation like that. your values, or him. you decide." YESSS!!

  3. WELL said. I have a thinly veiled post re virginity on my weight-loss blog entitled "Jephthah's Daughter"...believe me when I say I know how you feel.


  4. Hey Chica!! Thanks for reading and I will be sure to check that blogpost out : )



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