Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Nursing the wounds wont heal them but deepen them"

Diary by Wale ft. Marsha Ambrosius

*Selected lines from the song*
 Heart of stone...every problem that you ever had with another man, I gotta face
started off on thin ice I'm still here but I can't skate...
nursing the wounds wont heal them but deepen them.
raised by a momma who, hates the baby father, so
she don't have a problem with, sayin' "fuck a nigga" quick...
I'm just tryin' to be the one who never run, but you run away from me
your girlfriend's men cheat, why not me the same thing
this pain she inherit, can't be reversed..."

Or can it? I was going to say Wale lost me here but he didn’t say the pain can never be reversed because it can.
"Nothing I buy can buy more time for your ears to tell your heart to listen to it. 
Diamonds, a girl’s best friend is what they say
but believe me when the right one reaches you he will shine anyways,
and every day that goes by is a couple more lines in her diary, the day before is better than the present... 

It’s important to change your attitude, which will change your mind, and then your overall actions. This will lead to better days, finding a better person, but most importantly: a better you.

Prove Wale wrong: “so anyone presented in her presence is doing these life sentences, there's no key for release.”  
Women have slowly built a tall wall, that not even the toughest, most fit man can climb over.
Yes, there has been a lot of different men that present the same bs, but...
Don't let love walk away, not every man is the same.

Wife, you deserve the title



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