Monday, June 7, 2010

You're A WHAT??!

So why are you doing this?

Doing what?

Staying a virgin? You're not afraid your vagina is gonna dry up if you don't have sex?


As a young girl, I grew up in the House of the Lord. I was there three times a week for 17 years. After that, I only went twice a week. I have strong morals that I always keep in mind: at His house and out of His house. That includes Friday and Saturday nights.

And I'm staying that way until I have a 3+ karat diamond ring, a marriage certificate, Him and Her bathroom, and a Mr. and Mrs. filing joint tax return.



  1. I think questions like this just highlight our society oh so well. If someone is saving themselves for marriage, people can not understand why. It's as if sex has become something people do to 'prove' that they are mature enough to handle the responsibilites that come with it? I always get questions and funny looks also when I say I dont drink. It's quite funny really!
    I am a Muslim but couldn't agree with you more on this issue!

    Sorry for the long comment but I am so glad I have stumbled accross your blog :)

  2. Yes, it seems as if the world revolves around sex. From the media, to books, movies, and even television shows - everything is about sex. The extreme need for pleasure has created a very perverted environment. Thank you for reading! And who cares about what other people think about abstaining from alcohol? That is your decision, and I support you! Stay strong : )



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