Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Im up for the challenge...and will wait for you"

"No, Im not scared"
" aint? Okay then, it's kind of you can handle it?"
 "No, I just don't do any of that"
"What do you mean you don't do any of that...You're a VIRGIN?"
"Yes I am"
 "WHATTT?! You're killing me Stacey, are you serious? I mean I'm up for the challenge...and  will wait for you but..."

But you lied.

So I met this handsome black man that had his mind and body right. He was a college grad on his way to getting his master's in order to better himself and increase his salary. He had a keen interest in me and did all the right things: called, texted, spent time together, and was a gentleman. However, there were times during the conversations we had, he would subtly mention sex; but it would not be sex between us but with his past relationships. He mentioned how he got girls sprung off of his "sex game" and when he pleases, he does it right. I knew sooner or later, the topic of sex between us would come up.

It did

After talking about my stand on abstinence and my strong will to wait until marriage...he never called me back. This man would always call me back. It was like it was planned; he would call at certain times and if I missed the call, he would call again within 20 or 40 minutes.
What I liked about him the most was his honesty. He answered questions truthfully and if he said he was going to call me back, he did. If I went to bed early, I would get a text asking if I was still up or acknowledging that I must have fell asleep and we will talk tomorrow. Sweet things like that kept my interest.

However, he was honest up until the last time we talked on the phone. After that I lost respect for him because a man should be up front about how this new information affects future plans. I understand that men have needs and if I'm not able or not willing to fulfill those needs, let me know this relationship will not work out. If being friends wasn't an option either, let me know. All I ask is to tell me exactly how you feel so that we can be on the same page.

I would have appreciated if this man told me that he no longer was interested in getting to know me in that way because of my stance. I would have understood...because I do. But I had to figure it out on my own.

I'm better off not will save me and the man who's interested: time, money, and energy.


  1. girl keep those standards high and find out early what they believe and if they have a reverence for God...i tried that whole "nice guy" thing, as if maybe later you can change them, or they'll change for you, or the sex thing won't be a big deal..but you can't; they don't; and it always is.
    if you know eachother's intentions, values, and lifestyle before emotions get attached, they will be less be wounded or shattered as an outcome! i support you staceface!

    love, compassion, royalty
    Qu3eN G

  2. so true!
    thanks for reading gabby!! : )



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