Monday, September 27, 2010


Roomie, left. Me, right.

With my roomie sipping on lemonade after a long day of shopping and dinner
We both made a pact to stay chaste until the right one comes along.
For me: gotta have the ring and marriage certificate. 
For her: you have to be special, worth sharing the experience with.

I only mention this because whenever I'm hanging out with guys, they always ask me: WHY?! we can do a lot of good things together, we're human with needs...don't you have needs too, or are you serious?

I'm not bothered by the questions but I'm upset by their intentions. Not the kind of girl you can hit and quit.

Believe me, I'm worth it - your time, energy, generosity, and --- the wait.


  1. Girl I know exaclty what you mean!! I recently had a guy at uni who was 'interested' in me so we had a talk about it and he said he was put off by my religion and decision to save myself. Wow I seriously did not expect him to say that!

  2. I hope he didn't deliver the message in a rude way, but I think it was great that he communicated his thoughts and feelings on the subject. Many just play with your head and that leads to negative emotions due to lies and each person not being on the same page. At least, he weeded himself out so you wouldn't have to. On to the next, better will come! Stay strong!



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