Friday, January 14, 2011

Food For Thought

Excerpt from "Sex and the single black woman" in The Economist magazine

"The comedian Steve Harvey encourages women to "think like men" in order to get what they want. I personally don't find Harvey's approach to be appealing, since the last thing I'd want to date is a woman who thinks like a dude. Also, the implication that relationship warfare should be conquered with more warfare just leads to an even greater mess than the one we have today. Love should not be about war, winning or any kind of competition; that's why it's called "love" and not something else."

There is A LOT I can say about this but I will let your mind wrap around the author's thoughts and draw your own conclusions.


  1. With all due respect, I think that Steve Harvey is a complete idiot......much like Bill Cosby's stupid.

    Whenever I look at either one of them I'm reminded that somewhere there's a village missing an idiot.

  2. hahaha!
    Thanks for your input and thank you for reading as well!

  3. I think Steve Harvey gives bad advice!
    The concep of woman 'thinking like a man, acting like a lady' is interesting though. Although it disguises itself as leading to equality between men and women, I think it just proves even more that guys are more superior if we have to act like them in order to be taken seriously. yet still manage to act like a lady to please them. confusing much?!

  4. I was very interested about the book when I heard about it. After reading it, I thought a lot of it was common sense but other parts didn't really move me. After researching other people's views, I agreed...why do we have to think like a man and doesn't that defeat what has been going on for centuries? We need to think wisely in any relationship we get involved in, but we don't need to think like a man...women are smarter anyway lol



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