Friday, December 31, 2010

Time of Reflection

The year started off with attending a Trey Songz concert. Fell in love that day.

Ran up front (2nd row) when I got the chance, had to make eye contact with my love


Spending time with family

January through May was my second semester as a sophomore nursing student.

In my dorm, study

I usually work two jobs during school to support my education, part time job and workstudy. However, that semester I was taking the hardest classes at once, pharmacology, med/surg I, health assessment, and microbiology. So, I decided I would not work during those four months...hardest decision ever. But, my tuition was paid off and I was not worrying about any other bills because I had money saved up to pay my family phone bill (yes, I paid that big bill every month to lighten my parents load). I also had some money for dinner with friends from time to time.

At our favorite Thai restaurant

 Before Spring ended, I saw Drake in concert.

Eventually ran up front and was third row! You know I had to get closer

Then Summer '10 arrived! Oh Summer, I love you and miss you when you leave.

I attended Summer Jam '10.

Saw Drake, Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz, Baby, B.O.B, Lupe Fiasco, Ludacris, Taio Cruz

I went back to working two jobs: primary job, part time at a hospital and work study as a tutor. I traveled to different charter schools that held summer programs for their students to increase their skills in math and literacy. I worked with the age group of 9-16. The younger children were a joy, the older ones were too because they respected my authority but of course they did so with some attitude.

But of course, many were a delight!

After working over 40 hours a week for two months. I spent the last month in France! One week in Paris and two weeks in a city four hours away from Paris called Marseille. It was one of the best experiences! I loved it, I had to come back five days before school started, I did not want to come back!!

On top of the Eiffel Tower

Emptied my pockets in Europe, only live once right? lol

Finally Fall/Winter '10. I learned soo much! I officially became natural and I am learning how to deal with my own hair by other bloggers. I officially became a junior in college and took the hardest class in nursing school, Med/Surg II. I had a clinical at the number one hospital in the U.S and worked on the Burns, Plastics, and Reconstructive unit. Amazing experience! I learned so much and worked with the best nurses and doctors.

Future Goals
Save up to $8,000 for a sedan by Fall '11
Save another $2,000 for a 2 week vacation at a resort in any island (Aruba, Bermuda, Puerto Rico)
Travel to New York, North Carolina, and Florida
Eliminate the fake and the weak, build stronger bonds with the real

Continue loving, living, and laughing
I stayed chaste in a perverse world/college and will continue doing that in 2011.

Life is too short. RIP My beloved cousin, Guerlen Guerrier 04.15.85 - 12.21.10

To my readers, I wish you the best on all your personal endeavors and be blessed!


  1. OMG what happened to her :-(

  2. tragic car accident. she fought for two weeks on life support, but not even that could help her because of her critical condition. the machine helped her take her last breath and her heart beated for the last time at 5:25 pm on 12-21. I am glad she is no longer suffering because of her devastating injuries, but we miss her sooo much!
    may she rest in peace

  3. Paris is amazing indeed!

    pls check out my blog and maybe we can follow each other


  4. yes!! I miss it so much!
    I will follow you!
    & thanks for reading : )

  5. WOW! sorry for ur loss, i know how it feels to be in an accident and do not wish it on my enemies! Come visit me in FL! Am ur wannabe friend...Gosh! we will have so much fun.....

  6. Thank you : )
    Haha!! I would love to! Tell me when it is best! lol



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