Monday, January 24, 2011

3 Months To Live

I was dreading going back to school! I seriously just wanted to run away and go live on an island until I got my mind right. Then reality kicked in. Moved in, unpacked, and headed to my first class of the semester on the same day. After working six straight 3-11:30pm shifts, all I want to do is visit the spa and have the most intense yet relaxing massage. The course I am taking is very different from the nursing, biology, and psychology courses I have taken (I am a Nursing major, minoring in Biology and Psychology).

It is spiritual, free-spirited, and unrestricted. We did a lot in the three hours of meeting including meditation, getting to know each other, and other non academic activities. My favorite part was this:
"Okay class, I want to end with free writing. Imagine you have three months to live. Assume that you are healthy during the first month and write about what you will do during these three months you have left to live."
Borrowed paper, pulled out a pen, and started to write:

If I had three months to live...
     I would visit all my family, friends, and enemies. I want to tell my family, I love them. I want to tell my friends, I appreciate them, and tell my enemies, I forgive them and ask them for forgiveness.
     I would work for a month. Vacation for the last two months. I want to travel to a lot of different places. I want to spend most of my time on the different islands, not the airplane. I would love to visit Hawaii, Fiji, Guadeloupe, Haiti, islands near the Philippines and return to the Caribbean. During my journey, I want to meet, play, date, share a couple of laughs with everyone who is willing to socialize with me. I want to send postcards from where I'm from to tell everyone to come and enjoy these places and stress in every postcard it is important to live life before you die.
Not bad for 4 minutes? lol
What would you do if you had three months to live?
Do them now and do them with nothing but love, joy, and happiness.


  1. Great post. Hmmm,...I guess for me the easier question is wha WOULDN'T I do if I had 3 months to live??? While still keeping my morals intact, I would definitely travel, accomplish EVERY item on my bucket list, overcome any/all fears I have, heal broken relationships as well, eat my favorite food EVERYDAY for the next (or last) 90 days, and get married (and perhaps adopt a child). What else

  2. I would live how I'm living today, 'cause I try to live life to the fullest, no regrets! But I would be more spiritual. :)

  3. Lol Chica, I would also make sure I eat my favorite foods and try new ones as well! Getting married would be lovely but it would be hard for your mate to deal with losing you. I would date but never get too close so that I don't cause any damage because of my future absence

    @Abigail, I'm glad you live life to the fullest!

  4. YO Stacey! great post, but I would definitely enjoy every bit of life, fall in and out of love, eat all i want, see the most amazing places, and die peacefully :)

  5. I love it! Great Post. A blog you will be able to relate to. I know you'll love it. Xoxo

  6. Hi MsStaceyB! left a comment on my blog the other day and it was encouraging. I appreciated it and wanted to send you a message, but I couldn't find an e-mail on your blog or profile page.

    If you don't mind, can you send your e-mail link to this address?


  7. Why am I just finding your blog? I love it! FOLLOWED.

    Make sure you stop by Alee's Perspective sometime :)

  8. Hey UCB! I emailed you : )

    And Alee, thank you so much! I will definitely stop by and follow. Appreciate the love : )

  9. Hi!So cute post!
    You have nice blog))
    I follow you...follow me?♥

  10. Thank you and thanks for reading! I will follow back : )



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