Friday, September 14, 2012

The Story that Needs to be Told!

Her father passed before she really new him. At the age of five she was without a father and without anyone to show her what true love was really about. She was desperate to know that love. Desperate to know what it felt like for a man to truly love her unconditionally. So she latched on to whomever she thought would show her that love that she craved so badly.

When she was sixteen she knew that things were off. He crept into her room at night and she pretended that she was asleep so that he would go away. It seemed such a small price to pay for a little bit of peace. What did she do to deserve this unwarranted affection. As he stood above her bed at night she thought what her father would do if he knew that this was happening to his precious daughter while he was in another place.

He peels back the sheets and looks at her while she "sleeps". Please God if there is a God, please help me through this. You say that you would never put on me more than I can handle but I am just a child, your child. Why on earth would you let me go through this kind of pain. I am a child of God and through all bad things come good things. I know that through the bad things, that I would be molded into the exact person that he wanted me to be. My faith is unwavering and I will hold true to my faith until the day that I perish. A child is taken advantage of while a mother looks on not willing to help. This was my path and this will be the very reason why I offer myself to him. I only wish that I can live up to his until my judgement day regardless of my shortcomings along the way.

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