Friday, September 14, 2012

My Little Secret

Everyday I have to come to work and watch him from a distance. I look at him and remember what it was like for him to hold me, kiss me, and make love to me. We were inseperable. He made me feel like myself. He made me giggle and and blush (even though black people don't blush). When I would see him my heart started pounding and I was sure he could see it through my chest. I was sure he could see the smile form on my face as soon as he walked past me everyday. Truth is he was and will always be my best kept secret and I was his. Something that I could have to myself and everyone not know about it and talk about it.

The feeling of being absolutely wrapped up in someone didn't scare me but made me feel wanted and needed. I took care of him and he did the same for me. But it seems that all good things come to an end. And as our relationship began to unravel and the lies were more apparent, my heart broke. The one person who knew me better than anyone else hurt me the most. He was there for me to cry on his shoulder but when he was the reason for my tears, who would I have to lean on? And when it was all said and done it was still hard to let him go completely. If I let go then I knew it was over for sure. My mouth said the words that my heart just couldn't hear. And now I see him walk past me everyday and I wonder about what used to be!

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  1. *snaps finger* deep! "was there for me to cry on his shoulder but..was the reason for my tears" very touching. Almost too many can relate



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